Choir Festival


Come and enjoy Soul Symphony Choir’s third annual choir festival! It will be spectacular evening of inspirational music!

Ticket sales from this choir festival will go to the Croydon Youth Zone ‘Legacy’ that will make a real difference in the lives of thousands of young people. Join with us to support Legacy Youth Zone and demonstrate genuine commitment to the issues affecting our communities.

Soul Symphony Choir is an award-winning community choir from South Croydon led by Joanne Miller. Soul Symphony Choir are committed to encouraging unity, love, and respect among all people through the arts.

We are joined by amazing acts from all over London:

Achim Mime Group come from from Hyland House School they were featured in the Luv Gospel 2017 festival, North London, along with headliners Denise Wint and Israel Allen.

Croydon Church Choir, who recently restarted, have lots of love and joy to share with their community and beyond.

Harrow Community Gospel Choir is directed by CeCelia Wickham-Anderson a member of the internationally acclaimed acapella group Black Voices. They sing a mixture of contemporary gospel songs and spirituals.

The B.I.G choir were the finalists in BBC Songs of Praise. They have also performed in the Royal Festival Hall, Royal Albert Hall, and have also internationally in Italy and Sweden.

Work In Progress quartet, members of Green Street Blues Ladies Acapella Chorus, were winners of Best Female Quartet at the Surrey Fringe Quartet Competition, March 2017 and stars of the Bromley Music Festival, Ladies Category, March 2019

Thank you in advance for your generosity to make this work possible, to make a lasting difference, and inspire 1000’s of young people.