Spring performance at the Hub, Mind in Croydon


Soul Symphony Choir has a beautiful tradition to visit people at the Hub, Mind in Croydon, nearly every term. The Hub supports people to understand and manage their mental and physical health issues. It also provides a safe place for people who are lonely and isolated to meet and socialize.

Soul Symphony Choir continue to share their joyous positive messages, encouraging everyone to keep holding to hope and have faith. It was the first concert for our newest member Lizzie and here is what she had to say:


The performance at the Hub, Mind in Croydon was my first outing as part of the Soul Symphony Choir. I was slightly apprehensive going into it, but the rest of the choir made me feel so confident and supported me throughout. The audience were very receptive and welcoming both before and during our performance. I loved that the audience could join in and sing along as part of the choir; it makes for an interactive and fun time. It felt so rewarding to see a group of people light up the room and create such a happy atmosphere. I would love to continue doing more performances like this, for the community.

Being part of this choir has helped me gain confidence and I really feel like part of the group. I love everyone's positivity and how wonderful everyone's attitudes are. If you are having a challenging day or week, you always know that you have a rehearsal to look forward to with what feels like a second family. Each and every one of the members are so inspiring and I am so happy I decided to join.