Soul Symphony triumphs again!

Soul Symphony Choir 2 cropped wins at CPAF 2019.jpg
The Choir participated in Croydon Performing Arts Festival 2019 and won the Gospel category.

Jeffrey Davies, adjudicator for the Choral Section said, "Ladies and gentlemen in orange... what a wonderful concert this was, it really was! This was a really impressive example of gospel feel. It had that emotional impact the whole way through. Asante Sana - lovely African opening. Super communicative faces were as I expected and your movement was just enough to let the song do the work. Holy is the Lord - fantastic soloist, Theresa. The gospel feel was authentic throughout. Total praise - lovely start. Lovely, lovely crescendo to 'You are the source of my strength' - wonderful! The long amen was very artistically judged and spread out.

What I like about this choir is that usually gospel choirs think they are individuals and it's their individual message - you don't do that. You all are really aware of the other singers and you are aware of what is going on around you."