Spring Concert 2019

From the bright orange and white outfits to the absolutely breath-taking singing, the whole performance exuded an unfettered exuberance in the theme of praise and moving forward despite life's challenges.

Reggae style Holy Is The Lord, Swahili Asante Sana and Latin Dona Nobis Pacem (Grant us peace) opened our celebration concert. Our softly-sung harmonies on Say a little prayer backed the soloists Chardine and Lulu well. Even the more contemplative items such as 'Do it', 'From now on' and No longer a Slave by Deborah Akinlawson were sung in a gutsy manner, which only served to add to their poignancy. Gary and Giles accompanied each song with their pizzazz. Our music definitely came from the heart.

'Your choir was amazing. A lovely evening and some of those voices... WOW. An interesting mix of people with a tangible bond of friendship', audience member

'You were amazing last night. I was so moved by some of the songs. From Now On brought tears to my eyes' Val

'oooo... shivers - you lot sound awesome' Gemma

Poems from Margaret Richards, Stella Moynihan, and Leo Ugwu were inspirational and engaging. They encouraged us to carry on in the most adverse circumstances. The special atmosphere continued to prevail, as the audience were encouraged to join in with Ain't No Stopping Us Now. We finished with the beautiful and moving rendition of Total Praise.

Thanks again to our volunteers - Aiste, Ernest, Gaius, Gabriella-Rose, and Val, and our extended family and friends who continue to faithfully support us.
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